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Desk Based Mobility 

Feel less stressed at your desk and reverse the poor posture that has built up over time of sitting at a desk in a curved spine position. 
We tailor our desk based mobility exercises to not only relax, but revitalise the individual, our therapists use methods that will help stimulate movement and boost staff with energy leaving them feeling invigorated, refreshed and ready for anything. 

Benefits of Desk Based Mobility 

Decrease Backache 
Reduce Headaches/Migraines 
Lessen stress and fatigue 
Improve Posture 
Releases endorphins to improve mood and give you more energy 
Assists the removal of toxins 
Can reduce stiffness and improve flexibility 

Emotional Wellbeing Workshops 

2 hour emotional wellbeing workshop to help raise awareness and understanding of different mental health difficulties, the impact this has on work and personal life and identify ways of helping to keep yourself well. 

Benefits of Emotional Wellbeing Workshops 

Understanding how emotional ill health affects you and your work 
Understanding the links between our physical and mental health 
Understanding sources of stress 
Identifying warning signs of stress and mental ill health 
Building an emotional toolbox to help you look after your mental health 
Identifying sources of support and treatment 

Workplace Yoga 

Increase your flexibility and feel rejuvenated with a yoga class with our in office yoga classes we largely focus on opening up shoulders and improving your hip mobility which sitting down at a desk can be detrimental to. 
Whether you are looking to create a wellness day/week, educate your employees in managing their wellness, an icebreaker as part of a seminar or just to bring some relaxation and reward into your workplace we can work with you to create a bespoke package to suit your exact needs. 

Benefits of Workplace Yoga 

Boost morale between workforce 
Relive stress and fatigue 
Increased flexibility 
Improved respiration, energy and wellbeing 
Cardio and circulatory health 
Great for Posture 

Workplace Pilates 

Improving your core strength has many benefits to overall health and fitness as well as elevating stress and strain on your back and other joints. Our Pilates class will be allow your teams to exercise together in the workplace or on our online group sessions which are designed to include people at all levels. 
Needing limited space and equipment Pilates is ideal for those who require initial core strengthening. Provide your employees with a constructive use of the break time at work, over time they will feel the benefits and thank you for it. 

Benefits of Workplace Pilates 

Improve core strength 
Increased flexibility 
Boost morale between workforce 
Relieve back and joint pain 
Improved energy and wellbeing 
Great for Posture 

Workplace Zumba 

For a fun workout of low and high intensity moves Zumba has become a popular form of exercise enjoyed by any gender, age group and fitness level. Movement to Latin music is infectious and before long you will be breaking out your Zumba moves to the radio or in public when you hear music. 
Importantly you will be getting fitter while having fun. Zumba is designed as a complete workout, combining cardio, muscle conditioning, balance and flexibility. A great way to build team motivation in a fun and beneficial way, contact the team at Corporate Fitness and Wellbeing to see how we can facilitate Zumba classes for your employees. 

Benefits of Workplace Zumba 

Fun and great for team moral 
Improve core strength 
Increased flexibility 
Builds stamina 
Improved balance & coordination 
Improved energy and wellbeing 
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